Owner / Drum Instructor

Andreas David aka Ydna Murd has been playing drums for more than 30 years. He has spent most of his life as a professional musician in Germany where he performed hundreds of shows with a great variety of bands and artists, ranging from Folk and Jazz, to Funk, Fusion, Gospel, Alternative, Punk and Rock. Andreas has been teaching drums at many different music schools (Yamaha Music Station, Hamburg School of Music, Powell River Academy of Music, Larsen Music Victoria, Long & McQuade Music Education Center Victoria, Peninsula Academy of Music Arts and more) and he was one of the co-founders of the Hamburg School of Music which is now one of the largest music schools in Germany. He studied drums with German greats Udo Dahmen, Helge Zumdieck and Jost Nickel and also with Steve Houghton and Jim Chapin.

He is the author of three instructional drum books which are available worldwide (Breakbeat Guide, Hi-Hat Master and Drum Class) with a fourth one pending publication this year. Andreas endorses several drum companies (Sonor Drums, Supernatural Cymbals, Eccentric Systems) and is a regular contributor to the German drum magazine Drumheads! and the Canadian drum magazine Drums etc.! Andreas performs regularly at drum festivals and teaches several workshops and master classes throughout the year. He has extensive knowledge as a producer and recording engineer. He is mostly performing electronic dance music nowadays with his Djing and drumming outfit. In addition to his extensive experience as a studio and session drummer, he has also published several play-along recordings for drummers.

Andreas is also available for online lessons via Skype where he teaches several students from around the world. In his longstanding teaching career, he has mentored hundreds of students and keeps his lessons fun and exciting for all ages and level. More about his work can be found at www.drumgate.com

Owner / Administration

Sabine David, Owner and Admin

Sabine's knowledge of business and customer service is based on 25 years experience as an entrepreneur. Her love for music is a strong bond that she shares with her husband Andreas. She is also the designer in the family and takes care of the Westshore Music Academy's website, branding, logo, advertising and much more. Always on top of everything she organises the lesson scheduling and administration of the Westshore Music Academy.


Voice / Piano

Originally from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Katrina was awarded music scholarships from a young age. Shaping her performance craft with plays, choirs, and competitions, she has also become a skilled guitarist and songwriter. Her versatile and powerful voice has been developed over years of classical vocal training and recording. Katrina has recently joined the William Head On Stage (WHOS) production called “Fractured Fables” as bandleader, composer and performer. She also continues to tour her critically acclaimed musical one-woman show "Cougar Annie Tales". She won Pick of the Fringe, was a Victoria Critics Choice nominee for best new play, and has played to many sold-out audiences around Vancouver Island. She will be showcasing at Pacific Contact in 2014.
We are very happy to have Katrina teaching at the Westshore Music Academy – specializing in beginner / intermediate guitar, piano and vocals.

Sonia was born in Victoria, BC but over the last 25 years has lived and performed in cities such as Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and PortCoquitlam. Her music education began as a child at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, continued as a teen through Red Deer College andearned a Jazz Vocal Performance Diploma from Grant MacEwan University. Herperformance experience ranges from Community Musical Theatre, Jazz Choir,Big Band vocalist, Musical Dinner theatre, sketch comedy, Cover bands atvarious events, radio jingles, to studio back-up vocals. She startedteaching private voice lessons to local Vancouver actors, and was lateroffered a position teaching kids at the Hollyburn Country Club’s Fine ArtsProgram in West Vancouver. After moving to Calgary, she was the first VoiceInstructor at 2 new, and busy Long & McQuade locations in NE, and SECalgary. After taking a hiatus to start a family and take time to be astay-at-home Mom, Sonia is excited to be back doing what she loves; singingand helping others to find their voice! Sonia believes strongly in aholistic approach to singing. “You don’t just sing with your vocal cords,but with your whole body and soul!”

Amy began piano study at age 9 and showed a gift for it right away. She progressed to major in classical piano at then Malaspina College, now VIU. She then taught herself to play and excel in ragtime piano. Her first professional engagement was won through a multi-province wide audition to play ragtime for vaudeville music theatre in Dawson City, Yukon, in 1980. Upon return to Victoria, she selected to continue with 4 more years of private studies, to learn improvisation, blues, and jazz with then Victoria’s premier jazz piano instructor, George Essihos. She undertook to teach herself to sing to expand her opportunities. The combination of her trainings allowed her to embark in earnest on a performance career that has actively spanned the decades since. Amy has performed in a variety of genres and venues, from light classical and jazz in world class fine dining rooms from Fairmont Hot Springs to the Westin Maui, to pop and top 40 in classy hotel lounges in Coast Hotels from Edmonton to Nanaimo. She learned to play rock and roll through accepting a position as a keyboardist for a top island Graffiti rock band in 1987. She has also accompanied musical theatre, both at the local community as well as national professional level, and has worked as accompanist for community choirs and singers in various ensembles. She also studied and excelled in African drumming and hand percussion. Amy continues to be active as a working professional musician as musical director for Central Saanich United Church. Amy’s teaching is comprehensive and incorporates traditional as well as creative and innovative approaches. She weaves theoretical underpinnings into her instruction so students might learn how music is constructed. Amy has written many songs in multiple genres and is delighted to help budding songwriters. She is also one of Victoria’s original yoga teachers, and sees the learning of music as the ultimate in attention training and mindfulness practice, hoping to cultivate a light hearted and self- accepting yet disciplined academic attitude in her students

Voice / Piano

Roberta was a student of the Royal Conservatory of Music when she became interested in pop, country rock and jazz and all other styles of music and decided to become a professional pianist and vocalist. She has performed for many years in all sorts of venues and musical opportunities with duos, trios, and also solo. Roberta loves teaching all ages. She has been teaching piano privately and she finds teaching incredibly rewarding! Roberta is happy to help her students rewrite and transcribe their own favourite songs and pieces, to keep them engaged making music they love while also learning theoretical aspects of musicianship. The fundamentals of piano playing and, if interested, the classical repertoire will be woven into the lesson plan as well. Her teaching style is to prioritize a love of music foremost. In her experience, if she is able to teach a student to love the music they play, the details of technique and the discipline required to achieve them follow naturally. Roberta is always open to tailor lesson plans, here are just a few examples of what she can help you with: - Musicianship and learning music by ear - Royal Conservatory of Music - Music as a hobby or for fun

Beth grew up in Victoria and began studying piano at the age of 8, having been inspired by watching her mother play the piano. She in turn began teaching piano as a high school student under the supervision of her piano teacher, while working on Grade 10 RCM piano and then her ARCT teacher's certificate. Once high school was completed she also enrolled in the 2 year Teacher Training program at the Victoria Conservatory of Music directed by the late Winifred Scott-Wood. Over the years Beth has successfully prepared students for piano & theory exams from the Preparatory through Grade 8 levels with the RCM. She also encourages students to improvise & compose with some entering competitions where they have been awarded prizes. Beth is also happy to teach students who prefer not to take exams and wish to play other styles of music. Most recently she participated in the "Play Piano Chords Today" course & looks forward to teaching some adults with this method. Over the years Beth has played various musical instruments as well as studied voice & sung in musical ensembles. She welcomes the opportunity to be part of the Westshore Music Academy.


Janelle has been playing piano for over 23 years, beginning at the young age of 3. She began her journey starting out in Yamaha group class lessons moving on to the Royal Conservatory of Music program under the tutelage of Mariya Udovenko in Vancouver. Janelle performed in local festivals and recitals multiple times a year to gain experience as a pianist and musician. Since then she has completed her ARCT in Piano performance as well as her BCMA in Piano Pedagogy from the British Columbia Conservatory of Music taught by Rita Attrot. From there Janelle went on to teaching at the British Columbia Conservatory of Music as well as various community centres around Burnaby, whilst simultaneously studying music at Simon Fraser University. Wanting to pursue piano performance further, she moved to Victoria to attend the University of Victoria’s Bachelor of Music program. Here, Janelle studied with Bruce Vogt and several other faculty members. She was able to expand her knowledge of music as well as develop her performance skills by performing in weekly masterclasses and collaborating with other instrumentalists. Currently Janelle is studying piano at the Victoria Conservatory with Dr. Yoomi Kim to complete her LRCM, as well as continuing to teach privately. She believes in always maintaining a positive atmosphere during lessons and that music is a joy to be shared with everyone.

Guitar / Ukulele / Bass

Nick has been teaching music lessons since 2012. He started out by showing some friends how to play a few songs on guitar and quickly decided that he wanted teaching to be a part of his life. He lives for that eureka moment as a teacher, when he can see a student suddenly understand a song, a method, or a concept. He is happy to delve deep into music theory with his students, get started with the basics, or leave it alone all together. Music theory is a great tool, but it is not necessary to have music be a huge piece of your life. He believes that every person has their own method of learning that works best for them, and he will endeavour to find that best method for each person. He began in music by starting with theory and sight reading from a very early age, until he was about 12. He then spend five years as a member of the Vic High RnB band and The Midnights. There he studied all music RnB, Funk, and Motown. He enrolled in the Jazz Diploma Program at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. There he learned most of his foundational music theory knowledge. He learned arrangement, ear training, scales, harmony, improvisation, sight singing, composition, song form, and many other things. He also learned many bass techniques and methods by studying with the Victoria legend Joey Smith. Since graduating in 2013 he has taught independently (2013-present), and at Larsen Music (2012-2016), as well as South Island Studio (2014-2016) He has also toured Canada, the US, and Europe with Jazz, and Folk groups. He has cowritten, co arranged, recorded and released eight studio albums with various groups, as well as many other singles, and short releases in genres including Folk, Funk, Pop, RnB, Jazz, and more. He has composed, recorded, and released twenty of his own songs under his own name.

Geoff Lundstrom is originally from Nelson BC and has lived in Victoria for the past 10 years. A graduate from Nelsons Selkirk College of Contemporary Music and Technology program, Geoff is a busy gigging musician and an active part of Victorias music scene. Geoff has toured across Canada and played on many stages big and small. With ten years of performance experience as a band leader, solo singer/songwriter and guitar player as well as visual artist and guitar teacher Geoff is a fun-loving, capable, relatable and knowledgeable teacher specializing in Blues, Pop, Indie & folk genres. Catch him on stage at Darcy’s Pub downtown with is band “Lost Boys” Monday & Saturday nights.

Tavis Weir has been teaching guitar for the past ten years. His first priority is to inspire creativity in his students and share the power of music. He is passionate about showing students that music is for absolutely everyone! Tavis has been playing music since he was a kid and discovered an interest in songwriting and recording while taking his Bachelor of Music (jazz guitar major) at the University of Toronto. Unable to stick to just one instrument, he writes and performs on electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and voice. He recorded his first solo album in 2017, playing every single instrument on the record. He has toured with Juno award winner Oscar Lopez and shared stages with Shane Koyczan, Ben Waters, Stephen Fearing and many others. Tavis will pass along what he has learned in an informal relaxed setting. Lessons with Tavis explore all styles of music through listening, improvising, reading notation, and finding your own sound and interests on your instrument. The road to musical awesomeness is an exciting and bumpy ride, so fasten your guitar straps and lets go!


Drums / Percussion

Andreas David aka Ydna Murd, Owner of the Westshore Music Academy, has been playing drums for more than 30 years. He has spent most of his life as a professional musician in Germany where he performed hundreds of shows with a great variety of bands and artists. Andreas has been teaching drums at many different music schools (Yamaha Music Station, Hamburg School of Music, Powell River Academy of Music, Larsen Music Victoria, Long & McQuade Music Education Center Victoria, Peninsula Academy of Music Arts and more) and he was one of the co-founders of the Hamburg School of Music which is now one of the largest music schools in Germany. He is the author of three instructional drum books which are available worldwide. In addition to his extensive experience as a studio and session drummer, he has also published several play-along recordings for drummers.

From Victoria, BC, Taylor started playing at the age of 15, but began his studies at the age of 18 where he has had a good mix of private teachers. Studying in establishments including Groove Studios and Westshore Music Academy in Victoria. Taylor's had the privilege of studying under Jost Nickel, Clause Hessler, Russ Miller and Ron Thaler in master classes. He currently plays for a Prog/Art Rock band called Spaceport Union. With the band, playing local and country wide shows are a regular occurrence. Along with touring and recording. Taylor, also fills in various local acts ranging in a variety of genres including prog rock, funk and many more. He brings a lot of experience as an enthusiastic teacher and a seasoned performer to students of all ages and levels. Keep it funky!

Born and raised in Victoria, Ian became transfixed by percussion from the moment he saw a classmate wielding a pair of drumsticks at the age of 12. The feelings and patterns of the rhythms were something he knew he had to experience for himself. The next year he enrolled in the school’s percussion program and went on to be tenaciously self taught, getting inspiration from watching and listening to his favorite artists and drummers. Eventually his first shot at performing came at Colwood Church at the age of 15 and from there he knew performing with other musicians was what he wanted to do. Since highschool jazz band, Ian has gone on to perform and record a variety of different styles with just as many artists including rock, metal, christian contemporary, punk, jazz, blues, country, funk, and disco. He also discovered the importance of compassion and kindness after a successful bout with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2014, recovery from which involved musical therapy with UVic’s Jordan Hanson and a fresh new understanding of mentorship and the healing power of music. Ian signed up for Ydna Murd’s professional drum course in 2019 and knew that was the next step he needed to round out his skillset and solidify his career as a performer and educator in all things percussion.

Violin / Fiddle / Harp

Originally from New Caledonia, Louise Deschamps was born and raised until adolescence in Noumea. Her early years on the instrument were founded primarily in Classical music style at The Music Conservatory of New Caledonia. After immigrating to Vancouver Island, BC Canada Louise became a versatile violinist/fiddler after she enrolled in a 4 year program in Classical and Jazz for violin under symphonic orchestra maestro Marlin Wolfe +multi instrumental virtuoso musician Daniel Lapp ; and voice under Sheila Sommerville and Teresa Mc Quarrie with the vocal jazz group choir and Malaspina choir at Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo BC Canada. With on-going experiences and exposure to a diversity of Worldwide Cultural Music Genres, Louise continues to guide, counsel, perform and share with others her passion and her broad knowledge for this soulful Artform. Her musical journey has led her to connect and play with wonderful musicians and groups from: New Caledonia, Canada BC, Algeria, Brazil and Latin South America. Louise welcomes students of all ages, of all levels, of all musical backgrounds, who will expand throughout a selection of World music styles along with their Technique Fundamentals. Group workshops are also available to offer. World Music Styles provided are the following : Latin/Afro-Brazilian/ Reggae/ Calypso/ Mediterranean/ New Age/ Techno/ Middle.Eastern/ French Popular Musettes/ Jazz/ Blues/ Gospel/ Celtic/ Old Time/ Bluegrass/ Appalachian/ Classical and many other. Students will be shown how to study efficiently, how to positively face music challenges and how to stay inspired through it all. Through various approaches and insights such as Sight-reading training, Ear-training and Tactile-training, one will explore and learn the fundamentals of the music language. You will discover how to become effortless, creative, dedicated, passionate and ultimately how to become artistically expressive. Just like any other spoken language,you will be able to develop and expand your vocabulary skills in music and on the instrument.

Allison Marshall holds a Bachelor of Music in Performance from the University of Victoria, majoring in Piano Performance. Allison studied Harp with Kathryn Ely and has been teaching Harp since 2006. She did graduate work in Music Education at U.Vic. and has developed a beginner program for young children with Music Ed. games and other innovations for Piano and Harp. Allison's goal is to give children a good beginning with their musical study. Some of her students have remained with her through Grades 9 & 10, earning First Class Honour. Allison still performs Piano and Harp for special events, and has been a musician for church services at St. Mary’s in Metchosin, for the last five years. She has also accompanied the Avalon Singers Choir for five years, and students for recitals and exams for the last 15 years.

Audio Production / Ableton

Chris has been a passionate audio professional since the early 1990s. His work encompasses a wide range of fields ranging from electrical engineering to software development. Chris started his career with the Toronto-based company, Soundwave which developed as one of the premiere audio companies to work within the early Toronto rave scene. Chris has worked in studio and in a live performance context since 1993. His early live shows became a staple of the Ontario techno circuit. More recent bookings on Vanouver Island include the Soundwave, Talltree and Diversity Festivals. He began working with Ableton Live in 2002. In 2008, he became Victoria's unofficial Ableton Live group host, and has since been involved in a variety of activities from designing and building modular synth components to developing an interactive gesture controlled installation for the TedX conference. Chris is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be done with both audio hardware and software, and looks forward to not only helping students develop their skillsets within the Ableton Live platform, but also applying those skillsets with outboard gear.