Westshore Drum Academy

Westshore Drum Academy offers a wide range of private lessons, clinics, masterclasses, drumming groups and special events for every age and level of playing. From the first steps of a beginner, to the advanced techniques required to play at the top level, you can learn every aspect of drumming at Westshore Drum Academy. In addition to our local team, we bring in world class drum instructors and performers. We have hosted Thomas Lang, Jost Nickel, Ydna Murd and Claus Hessler masterclasses and are already planning the next big clinic. Our spring and summer drumming group camps for kids from 9-16 years of age are also very popular. Scroll through this page and find out why so many drummers choose the Westshore Drum Academy for their studies. Contact us by phone 250-532-0228 or email to book lessons or for more information.
Private Lessons 23.00$/30 minutes - Group Lessons and Masterclasses vary

Drum Academy Team

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Andreas David aka Ydna Murd has been playing drums for more than 30 years. He has spent most of his life as a professional musician in Germany where he performed hundreds of shows with a great variety of bands and artists. Andreas has been teaching drums at many different music schools and was one of the co-founders of the Hamburg School of Music, which is now one of the largest music schools in Germany. He is the author of three instructional drum books (Breakbeat Guide, Hi-Hat Master and Drum Class) Andreas endorses Sonor Drums, Vic Firth, Roland V-Drums, Supernatural Cymbals and Drumtacs. He performs regularly at drum festivals and teaches several workshops and master classes throughout the year. In addition to his extensive experience as a studio and session drummer, he has also published several play-along recordings for drummers. In his longstanding teaching career, he has mentored hundreds of students and keeps his lessons fun and exciting for all ages and level. Check out his successful video channel at www.youtube.com/Jungleritterwww.drumgate.com


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From Victoria, BC, Taylor started playing at the age of 15, but began his studies at the age of 18 where he has had a good mix of private teachers. Studying in establishments including Groove Studios and Westshore Music Academy in Victoria. Taylor's had the privilege of studying under Jost Nickel, Clause Hessler, Russ Miller and Ron Thaler in master classes. He currently plays for a Prog/Art Rock band called Spaceport Union. With the band, playing local and country wide shows are a regular occurrence. Along with touring and recording. Taylor, also fills in various local acts ranging in a variety of genres including prog rock, funk and many more. He brings a lot of experience as an enthusiastic teacher and a seasoned performer to students of all ages and levels. Keep it funky!


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Issah Contractor attended the Vancouver Community College music program and has worked in the entertainment industry since 2001 as a music instructor, performer, writer and film maker. In 2013 he was awarded first place in Roland's International V-Drum Competition in Frankfurt, Germany competing against a field of top drummers representing 16 different countries. Teaching since 2012, Issah recognizes that there is no single reason to study music. Whether you want to play in a band, write a song or a soundtrack, be a virtuoso or just play along to your favourite albums at home, he can help you achieve your goals. With a high level of mastery on both electric bass and drums, Issah has an upbeat, positive attitude and an infectious enthusiasm for all things musical. He recognizes that no two students are alike and tailors lessons to suit your learning style and particular goals. When not teaching in Victoria, Issah can be found teaching at Long & McQuade Langley or on the educational platform 'Drumeo', gigging with his band 'The Famous Players' in and around Vancouver, working on his self funded opera/film project or pursuing his other passion: reading, writing and jogging.

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